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exploding head  
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 About Me
Okay, those of you who really know me, know how much I don't like sharing too much about myself.  I guess I've put this off long here goes.

What I Like...singing, karaoke, drawing, writing, doing art on my Etch-A-Sketch, changing the faces on my Mr. Potato Head collection, watching golf  (yes, I realize many of you may find this boring, but I think it's a fascinating sport), playing my guitar, laughing, and hanging out with people I care about.
My Job...I'm a Karaoke DJ and have just started a business with my friend Kelly.  I also do freelance graphic design work.
What's Important to Me...I have a small group of friends with whom I choose to spend a great deal of time.    Even though I know I can't always be there and can't always fix everything that may be wrong, it's important to me that my friends are happy (especially one in particular - you know who you are).  And it is important that I have fun as much as possible at all times.
What's Going On with Me...Okay, so I had the throat surgery...not a pleasant experience!  So now I'm trying to take it easy and will work on getting my voice back.  I have no idea what I will sound like when this is all over.  I guess we'll just have to see.  But, on the positive side...thanks to a new friendship, I am happier now than I've ever been.  I wish everyone could have a relationship like we have.

NOTE:   Eventually, I will give in and let someone take some photos of me to put on here.  I'll also include some shots of my friends.  Thanks for visiting my site!