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 St. Louis gay & Lesbian

Here are some of the Gay and Lesbian friendly clubs in the St. Louis area.   There are more out there and I'll add them soon.  I've been to all that are listed here, so if you want to know anything about any of them, contact me and I'll gladly give you my opinion.  Some of them have their own websites, click on the bar name to take you there.  If there are any you think should be listed that I don't have, please let me know.

Alibis...3016 Arsenal Street, St. Louis (314) 772-8989

Attitudes...4100 Manchester, St. Louis (314) 534-3858

Boxers and Briefs... 55 Four Corners Lane, Centerville, IL (618) 332-6141

Clementines...2001 Menard Street, St. Louis (314) 664-7869

The Complex...3515 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis (314) 772-2645

Drake Bar...3502 Papin Street, St. Louis (314) 865-1400

Eagle in Exile...17 South Vandeventer, St. Louis (314) 652-0171

Faces...130 4th Street, East St. Louis (618) 271-7410

Grey Fox Pub...3503 South Spring Avenue, St. Louis (314) 772-2150

Inside Out...3145 West Chain of Rocks Road, Granite City, IL (618) 797-0700

Knightz Too...4114 Manchester Street, St. Louis (314) 531-5850

The Loading Zone...16 South Euclid Avenue, St. Louis (314) 361-4119

Magnolias...5 South Vandeventer Avenue, St. Louis (314) 652-6500

Nero Bianco...6 South Sarah, St. Louis (314) 531-4123

Novaks...4146 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis (314) 531-3699

Rainbows End...4060 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis (314) 652-8790

Velvet...1301 Washington Avenue, St. Louis (314) 241-2997